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Reality isn't a straight line

As a successful young entrepreneur, I burned hot and bright… until I burned out.

In my late twenties, I was running a six-person company, thriving in a top tier grad school, and enjoyed healthy, clean living with my loving husband and stepsons in a beautiful loft in SOMA.

My thirties became about change—a failed business, a divorce, a health crisis, a move. After over two decades of creating tech products, I decided to switch careers.

Technology had been my refuge since I was a kid, but through my own mental health struggles I felt awakened to the breadth of human experiences. The past few years, I have devoted myself to overcoming personal roadblocks, understanding the psychology of growth & recovery, and curating an evidence-based toolkit that I’m eager to share with you!

What I offer here is not only the culmination of years of business consulting and education, but my 18+ years as a sex worker, discreetly teasing out progress with passion.

I am hoping that by providing this unique form of personal coaching, I can put you at ease and help discover what you need to be your best self!

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Education & Experience

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Trailblazing Camgirl / Mobile Documentarian

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Human Sexuality & Psychology

Undergraduate coursework in social sciences, human sexuality, sex work law & policy

Co-founder – TopNotchThemes

Business & product development

Grew biz to five employees & $250k/yr revenue

Master's Degree – University of California, Berkeley

Specialties: computer-mediated communication, quantified self, social psychology, UX design, online communities

Health Overhaul

Immersive self-study of nutrition & wellness

Lost 45 lbs with paleo diet & fitness

Mental Health peer support

Experience with providing additional support for multiple therapy modalities & diagnoses


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