How does it work?

Life coaching with a twist*!


A little gentle probing with conversation and tools so we can discover what drives you, and how you learn.

Goal setting

You're reading this because you're capable and you want more from life. Let's set inspiring, achievable goals together!


So we've got the what. What's the how? I'll help you get on track with the right strategy to support your desires.


We're social animals. You're ahead of the curve if you've realized that reliable, human support can help you be your best performing self.

* Boobs. The twist is (optionally) boobs.
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About Me

Ever wish you could just outsource the reliable support you need to be the best-performing-you possible?

As just another bumbling human being trying to make it through this world, I’m particularly passionate about using my unique combination of skills to help others avoid life's potholes!

Think of me like your flirty friend where you don’t have to feel bad for only talking about your problems. And your reliable partner who only nags when you want them to 😉

Put my background in tech, entrepreneurship, and wellness to work for you!

More about me

I Can Help!

Some of my specialties...

Confidence & dating

Whether you're feeling lonely, or trying to juggle multiple relationships, let's identify how to get un-stuck, to give you the ease and confidence of being your authentic self when you're with people.

Mental well-being

IANAT, but have extensive experience with balancing mental health & managing symptoms of mental illness. Our check-ins can help you stay on track & build habits to reduce anxiety, insomnia, or other issues.

Work & communication

Need a cover letter wizard or a review of your latest report? This Berkeley library graduate school alumna can help you with writing, career planning, or difficult conversations. Let's make work work for you.

Lifestyle UX

You're only as efficient & happy as your environment allows. Level up by finding the rough edges. Rapid progress can be made by examining everything from ergonomics to diet to your brand of underwear!

Kink & Polyamory

Including BDSM or non-monogamy in your romantic life can be incredibly rewarding, but dial life up to expert mode. I can help you navigate the oft-confusing waters of advanced sexual relationships.

Startup Stress

Late nights of coding, intense focus, or worrying if you're going to make payroll. Silicon Valley is the most inspiring place in the world to me, but it takes a village to support those who make companies that endure.

Ready to go further together?

A new you for every budget

Chat only

per month
  • Initial assessment
  • Individual coaching startup plan
  • 2+/week accountability check-ins
  • Monthly goal review
  • Personalized tool recommendations
  • No voice/video

Life Upgrade

three month package
  • Initial assessment
  • Individual coaching startup plan
  • 2+/week accountability check-ins
  • Monthly goal review
  • 8 × 30 min Skype sessions
  • VIP chat access


In the words of those I've worked with...

Wow! Stephanie is the ace up my sleeve. Her years of experience in the San Francisco startup scene give her the ability to quickly get under my always-on sensibilities and widen my focus. Each session leaves me feeling recharged with creativity and excited to tackle my next challenge.

Testimonial Author

Stephanie is something special. Her compassion, warmth, and vast experience with all-things-unconventional have really given me a new take on life. Her own journey has made her an excellent coach, as her powerful sense of empathy makes you feel truly understood.

Testimonial Author
Senior Engineer

Stephanie is such an online delight! In addition to being a devastating combination of cute & hot, she’s great to talk to. I appreciate her banter and serious talks about relationships (e.g. the poly lifestyle) and mental health. Time spent with her is time well spent!

Testimonial Author
IT Manager